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Weight Erase Programme


Currently under a renewal update of the programme...


Weight Erase Programme which is a unique weight loss class


  • 6 month programme held over 10 sessions in total.

  • 7 weekly sessions to start the programme lasting 1 hour each evening.

  • Followed by 3, 1 hour sessions every month for the remaining 3 months.  

  • £65 / person (£6.50/session)

  • Only 10 people / class.






Why We Over Eat and The Emotional Causes.

Clinical Nutrition Support

Help Gain Control Over Old Habits

Understand Why You Do These Things and How You've Been Lied To By Diet Clubs.

Take Control Of New Eating Habits Easily

Enjoy Your Food - This is not a diet club!

Eat Propper Foods - Butter/Cheese/all Meats/ Wholemeal Foods

Feel Relaxed and Find How Easy It Is To Start To Reduce Your Weight

And To Keep It Off PERMANENTLY>>>


I will be starting the Weight Erase Programme to help those interested and are ready to start to Lose Weight, but with without the need for that diet club mentality!!!











You will discover the power of using your own mind through self-hypnosis and powerful mind techniques to break unhealthy habits, remove blocks to your success, create a more positive attitude towards yourself and food, and find that 'OFF' button to help you reach your goal weight and stay at that weight for the rest of your life!!


Also included in the course is essential Clinical Nutritional information needed to help with weight loss. Nutrition will also help you eliminate any toxic build up which could prevent your weight loss, help keep you full for longer. Vital Nutrition ensures your body is receiving the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals to promote good health and vitality and you will feel comfortably full all day.


There is a Free e-brochure available if you would like to know more about the New Weight Erase Programme.


So please get in touch if you have any questions

or to book your place on this course for the the Summer 2017.





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Reducing Your Weight the Natural way.


No more Yo-Yo Dieting

Apples for sale at an orchard in Upstate New York

Due to the great success of the majority of my clients that came to see me for weight loss and achieving their target size and weight without using the No Diet approach. They managed to shift their diet club mentality and started to use their own minds to reduce the weight. And most important of all they Kept It Off!!!


When you start this unique styled approach to weight loss -

No Diet Club Mentality...


Just an Amazingly,

Natural Weight Erase Program for 2017

Essential Nutritional Information



Included in the Weight Erase Programme

for 2017

The Weight Erase Course Covers-