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Time Line Therapy Article


Time Line Therapy (TLT) is a powerful therapeutic process that has been used in conjunction with NLP and Hypnotherapy, created by NLP practitioner, Tad James. It derives from NLP and works on the concept that our subconscious mind stores memories in and around the head. Some memories can be located in front of us, some can be behind, some are big and bright but other memories can be grainy and faded. It is like a mental filling system and all memories will be located in certain and stored in certain places like a mental photo album of our life.


Therapists using Time Line will use a range of techniques to work with the subconscious mind to help clients let go of negative emotions/events and/or limiting beliefs linked to past experiences. This helps bring about a long-term transformation in the way the person thinks and feels about their past. TLT also helps focus on working with the inner child (rescuing the inner child if necessary), learning from the past events, gaining resources from the past, allowing the client to move forward working on a more compelling future.

Time Line Therapy is considered a particularly useful approach in helping people overcome symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety. TLT is also thought to achieve effective results quickly, with general ease compared to conventional talking therapies and with a permanent change.


What is Time Line Therapy™?


Time Line Therapy is a powerful process with a range of techniques for personal change and growth by helping the client remove any of the painful emotions attached to a particular memory or event.

The emotions associated with certain memories or experiences will vary for individuals. However, common examples of ‘painful emotions’ include:








Time Line Therapy can also help clients work past any limiting beliefs that are keeping them in the past and preventing them from moving forwards in life.


Unwanted negative emotions and feelings, and limiting beliefs can have a huge effect on our lives. As an advanced hypnotherapist that uses Time Line therapy as part of my therapy tool kit, I will support you through the journey, supporting you on with every potential hurdle. Reliving these painful memories can be difficult, but the techniques I use for trauma clients allows them to gain understanding of events, through adult eyes, whilst keeping the client at a ‘safe’ distance to the emotional event/memory. I will support and guide you through overcoming them and show you how to move forward once the negative events have been dealt with correctly. Often, Time Line Therapy is used in conjunction with hypnotherapy and NLP to create a powerful and unique therapeutic model

How it can help?


One advantage of Time Line Therapy is how it enables the client to let go and clear all the chains of an emotion, rather than focus on one at a time. For example, imagine the client is experiencing anger problems. TLT can support the 'letting go process' and help eliminate all anger from the past, not the one feeling attached to the particular event or memory. In other words, Time Line Therapy™ helps clients release anger from the root cause, without the need to visit all the events where anger might be connected

In Time Line Therapy™, only the negative emotions and feelings attached to the memories are dealt with and released. Therefore there is no need to keep revisiting old memories over and over again, as I will show you how to pin point the root cause memory or event, then allow all other chain events to update as well.  Our memories are our history and are an important part of who we are and important to gain resources for a more resilient future.

TLT is an invaluable technique in helping people resolve negative emotional issues from the past and let go of limiting beliefs and decisions that may prevent positive progression.


Examples of limiting beliefs include, “I don’t deserve it”, “I can’t do it” and “I’m not good enough”.
















As well as enabling clients to let go of these negative feelings, Time Line Therapy can support clients on their journey to achieve any goals they have for the future.

Time Line Therapy™ is thought to be most effective in easing stress and anxiety-related issues, such as:


•exam nerves

•panic attacks


•performance anxiety


•Post-traumatic Stress



For example, anxiety can be treated using Time Line Therapy although the method is different to other negative emotions. Anxiety is often understood as a fear of the future.


While fear is treated in the method of letting go of the negative emotion, TLT for anxiety asks the client to imagine being above their timeline. While floating above, they are asked to go to the point where the anxiety has reduced and the event causing the anxiety has been completed. By viewing the end point rather than focusing on the event itself, the feelings of anxiety can reduce.


Similar techniques are also used for trauma, anger or guilt. With Advanced Hypnotherapy, I always combine these techniques with regression therapy, inner child work, or parts therapy to ensure all the work is completed within the 3 to 4 sessions normally needed.


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Andrew Frost

Positive Minds Hypnotherapy

Advanced Hypnotherapist / Diploma Course Tutor

Written September 2017

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