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                               About Stress/Anxiety Management

Stress in the Workplace


Stress is common place in todays environment - at home, at work or any place in life. Through this Millions of pounds are lost within business evry month due to stress whether it is through illness,  people taking time off work, breakdowns in relationships at work, low productivity, or poor customer service.  


Many employers are becoming aware of the importance of the well-being for their staff to maintaining a good working relationship to maintain or even increase productivity levels and are therefore introducing specific policies to ensure the effective management of stress in the workplace.


There are a number of factors recognised as being triggers of stress and stress-related

illnesses and these can be found both at home and in the workplace. The symptoms vary

 dramatically from person to person and can be relatively minor as well as severely debilitating.


Different people respond in different ways to the challenges that arise in the workplace and

what is a major stress factor for some may be a simple problem easily overcome by others.


It is not a sign of weakness to feel the effects of stress more than your colleagues do and

making comparisons between yourself and your peers can actually increase stress levels further

still. Most jobs involve some unavoidable pressures and demands that can cause feelings of stress.


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"Great use of quick and simple breathing/relaxation tips to implement through-out the working day."

Personnel Officer


"A well worth while workshop, helping realise how to deal with stress within my team better and tools were given to help deal with this."

Unit Supervisor


"Gained a better understanding of what stress is and how to deal with it, both for work and home life. Achieved this objective fully."

Personnel Officer