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Stress Managemet Training -

Our Goal - Empowering people to make positive changes.


It is our aim to provide a fully professional stress management course at an affordable price, with the quality and expertise expected in industry today.


"Companies that take action to reduce stress in the workplace are likely to generate enhanced value through reduced costs,

 increased productivity, better customer service, lower staff turnover and greater staff morale."


-CIPD Annual Survey Report, 2006












Stress Management Workshop


Because every person and company is different we provide a wide variety of workshops for staff at all levels, working with both small businesses and larger organisations.


One to one sessions are available for Free if someone within your workplace is on sick leave or looking to returning to work, as part of the support to help people within this programme of care.


Group workshops are offered as a one off workshop to address specific areas of concern, or in a continued stress management programme over a number of small half day complete bespoke workshops.


Positive Minds has developed a unique one day workshop for companies to help their employees to identify the stress in both work and social life.  It has been strongly influenced by working closely with patients from the NHS programme at The North Staffs Hospital and from what my private clients have found most useful.


It delivers a precise program of development to encourage self awareness and empowers employees to take control of  the stresses in their lives.



It helps raise awareness of anxiety and muscle tension and introduces relaxation techniques so you can start to address the physical, mental and lifestyle issues which can contribute to current anxieties.




Programme for one day workshop includes


  • Stress/Anxiety questionnaire helping to identify signs and symptoms.

  • Understanding what is Stress and Anxiety and how it affects the body and mind.

  • Guided Relaxation exercise with the group.

  • Group exercise – how stress affects individuals and what triggers their fight or flight  response.

  • Group discussion of exercise of progressive relaxation techniques.

  • Coping with stress exercises – teaching group coping skills to reduce or eliminate their stress.

  • Understanding how lifestyle affects our ability to cope. Look at smoking, diet, exercise, home life and work/Life balance.

  • Second group relaxation exercise - controlling the signs of stress/anxiety.

  • Tailor made section to help with specific problems within the group. Examples – trauma, PTSD, depression etc

If you would like to make an enquiry regarding cost and how we can help your business then please email or call 07912 425487

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Some feedback from West Yorkshire Police Force & Barclay's Employees-


"Gained an increased awareness of stress both in my home life as well as at work"

"I really understand what relaxation is and how to use it within my daily life"

"Feeling more aware of reasons of why stress occurs and options to relieve some of the symptoms. Know how I feel now is not unusual !"

"I have now understood the different ways my team can react with stress and how to help them through various problems they may be experiencing in home/work life"

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