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   Spiritual development 6 week course

This is an amazing opportunity to take your learning to the next level. After learning about hypnosis and how this can improve your personal development, this course takes you to the next stage.


This course teaches you how to tune in to your natural intuitive side and to work naturally with the Universal energies that are now scientifically proven to influence our lives.


This course can help hypnotherapists further develop the intuition when dealing with a client. By seeing their energy field and interpreting the state and colour of the Aura. It will also help in your personal lives to increase your resistance to illness and maintain a positive healthy mind and body.


The Spiritual Development course will also help you gain and keep balanced with both your personal life and work life. Understanding the importance of self-protection when working with or around other people.

The course will consist of the follow over the 6 week course-

  • Self-Protection

  • Aura energy work

  • Balancing and increasing energy in the Chakra system

  • Journey to the Akashic Records

  • Intuition development

  • Past Life Regression work

  • Alpha Healing Energy work

If you are interested in joining Andrew on the 6 week course. Then please get in touch to either ask any questions or you can book your place on the next course.

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