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About Self Esteem & Hypnotherapy in Sandabch & Leek

Confidence, or the lack of, is a surprisingly common condition in today’s society. The individual lacking in self-confidence or self-esteem often believes that everyone else around them is brimming with the personality that they crave!

This is the misconception held by the sufferer of low confidence and low self-esteem, and that is exactly what it is – a misconception.







Don’t let low self esteem affect your decision making.


Hypnosis is a calm gentle therapy that works on our subconscious mind; the place where all these deeply ingrained feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem and low self confidence are firmly rooted. Using Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques I can guide you to a deep state of calm relaxation, a state in which you remain in control throughout, enabling us, together to explore blocks that might need a gentle adjustment, then work towards replacing these feelings of low self esteem and low self confidence with positive suggestions that will sustain and drive your personality from then on, consciously and easily arming you with the tools for a happier and freer life.


So do you have the confidence to become confident?   The answer is wholehearted   –  YES!





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Helping Self-esteem and Confidence Building

Clinical Hypnotherapy is one of the quickest and safest ways to help re-gain control...

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