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Clinical Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Sandbach & Leek Area...


Diets or other types of gimmicky fads are not enough to change the way you think about food or why you overeat. These might work at first, you may get results! But has it changed the way you think about food? Could you slip back to your old ways? What happens if your old desires and habits come back again?


Clinical Hypnotherapy doesn't do gimmicks, it is a very different approach than when you are on a diet alone. Sure, a healthy eating plan can help, but a diet really is not addressing the underlying issues that are stopping you reducing your weight.


When using the hypnotherapy approach to weight loss, we stay away from filling your head with more diet plans- No longer do you need to count calories, No points systems here or strict rules on what to eat on certain days, or even sacrifices to be made with not mixing protien foods with carbs!

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Clinical Hypnosis for Weight Loss...

The no diet plan!

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Helping you Lose Weight the Natural Way

Food isn't the problem...

People who overeat are not gluttons, lazy or stupid; they are merely compelled to overeat because of a subconscious programme. That's a big clue! The difference between someone who overeats and someone who doesn't, is EMOTION.


The overeating programme is emotionally driven. For this reason, understanding the problem won't fix it. Fooling the body that its capacity to eat large amount is reduced, won't do it either.


The problem lies in the Subconscious Mind. Effective Hypnotherapy gets to the connection between the emotion and the food and 'unhooks' it. Once this is accomplished - usually in 3 to 4 one hour sessions of effective Hypnotherapy, the eating pattern, is no longer driven by the emotion and changes. Its that simple!


The power of Hypnotherapy is helping you remove mental blocks to your goal weight which lie in your Subconscious Mind. Any negative critical inner voice, bad habit, any emotional attachment to food or negative relationships with food are all in your Subconscious Mind.


Clinical Hypnotherapy and weight loss is a very safe and natural way of helping you approach your health and lifestyle goals. It no longer feels hard or a struggle to achieve what you really want... but easy and enjoyable and naturally doing the things that will help you lose weight.

And the weight will stay off!

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