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Clinical Hypnotherapy for depression...Help in for you in Leek & Sandbach!




Depression is an extremely debilitating illness which affects not only the individual, but also their family, their friends, their employment, their self esteem and ultimately, resticts the enjoyment of their life.


Many people with depression go through life without seeking help, believing that depression is just 'part of them',

But in truth, depression is very treatable.


People with depression often feel that they are 'alone', whereas in fact this is far from the case, with as many as 1 in 6 people suffering with some form of depression at some point in their lives.





Although there are many different types of depression and indeed, many different intensities of the symptoms of depression, there are some common symptoms of depression and depressive illness:


  • Consistent feelings of sadness, loneliness or tension.

  • A reduction in feelings of pleasure associated with activities that have brought pleasure in the past.

  • Significant weight loss /gain

  • Insomnia, a change in sleeping patterns.

  • Lethargy, feeling tired all the time and having less energy.

  • Decreased ability to concentrate or remember.

  • A reduction in decision making skills.

  • Feeling worthless, ashamed and guilty or having a decrease in level of self-worth or self-esteem

  • An unexplained feeling of restlessness.

  • Suicidal thoughts.






There is a type of hypnotherapy that can Really help with depression.


Clinical HypnoAnalysis has helped countless people over the years to lift the depression cloud and return to normal lives within a shorter period of time than traditional styled therapies.


Clinical HypnoAnalysis used here at Positive Minds Hypnotherapy is NOT to 'control' or 'manage' the problem, the aim is to resolve it completely.


Combine this style of hypnosis with NLP to help with negative thought patterns, low self esteem, negative imagery, and belief systems and you have a very positive effective therapy.




If you have any questions or if you would like more information on hypnotherapy and NLP then please fill in the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

The Symptoms of Depression

Depression CAN Be Helped!

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