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hypnotherapy in sandbach cheshire and leek staffordshire

Learning the Power of


March in sandbach / May in Leek 2018


  From 7.00 to 8.30 pm

       6 Week Self Hypnosis & Guided Meditation Workshop

Only £80 per person


This is a great course to help you understand the basics of how hypnosis can help with stress related problem, sleepless nights, managing anxieties, controlling habits and weight issues to name a few.


You will be given all course hand-outs, relaxation suggestion scripts and CD's/MP3's with examples of self-hypnosis sessions.



Andrew also teaches the diploma level students.



self hypnosis the subconscious mind

If you are interested in reserving a place on a course or you would like more information then please call 07912 425487 or email



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Self-Hypnosis Course

in Sandbach Cheshire & Leek Staffordshire

 About the Course


Self-Hypnosis Workshop, Leek -



This Self-hypnosis Course is designed as an excellent introduction to hypnosis and to understand how

you can use the power of your mind to make positive changes to your life. It is a stepped programme, that gently

takes you through the process of experiencing self-hypnosis from the first session.


Once you have experienced hypnosis and listened to the recording provided, this will help you gain your confidence with going into hypnosis.


Then, you can start to understand the different levels involved in the functions of the mind. Understanding

the subconscious mind during the second week, helps you to start to gain control and experience the many levels of relaxation involved in the process of bringing about positive changes.


The course is designed as a introdutory level for those either wanting to use the course for personal development reasons and self help, or anyone looking to gain a basic skill level to progress further.