Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP  Coaching

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Help with Stress - Hypnotherapy in Cheshire & Staffordshire

for Stress Relief around Leek and Sandbach area.




Hypnotherapy for stress is a perfect tool in helping you to overcome stress by tackling some of its underlying causes and also by teaching you how to form a new healthy habit, gain control back - and experience true relaxation.  


Here at Positive Minds, I am passionate about helping you overcome your stress problems and by using some very simple but effective techniques, I have helped people like yourself to in 3 sessions or less -


  • Return back to how they used to be

  • Gain their energy back for daily activities

  • Help find their love and passion for life again

  • Get control back within their work place and home life

  • Return to work with confidence they can cope

  • Control their home and work environment better



Hypnosis and NLP Coaching for Stress-  is all about putting you back into control of you life, understanding how you deal with stress, what blocks you have to moving forwards and understanding trigger responses, and controlling them with your new skills and tools taught with each session.


Extra information and support given to you-

I have carefully compiled useful information pack on Stress and Anxiety which I will share with you throughout the sessions. I will help you identify and monitor your stress level with an understanding of why you respond to situations in your life. You will be coached each session on how to achieve your goals and together we'll work through the techniques and tools you'll learn to help return to a calm and relaxed state.



















help stress with  hypnotherapy in cheshire and staffordshire

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the Ultimate Stress Management Strategy

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