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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy ????


A new weight loss method for hypnotherapy has been sweeping the UK and abroad lately. Originally started in Spain, Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is causing a sensation amongst therapists and clients alike.


So what is it, and what does it involve?


Well basically it is method used to convince clients that they have undergone actual gastric band surgery thereby allowing them to experience all the benefits of having a gastric band fitted without having to go through the trauma of surgery or suffering side effects.


Gastric Band Hypnotherapy will cost you around £400 - £600 and obviously doesn’t have the side effects associated with the surgical procedure. The whole idea of this process is in changing client’s capacity to eat large amounts of food or binging on food throughout the day. This is because the mind thinks that the stomach has shrunk in size and the client will therefore feel fuller much sooner.






Sure, people that have had this procedure have lost weight to start with, but what about in the long term. I have had clients that have had this procedure come and see me after a few weeks or months have passed. They have told me horror stories of them blending food to get more food into them, or only eating sweet foods instead of proper nutritious foods, the worst was a lady who was making herself sick so she could get to eat what she was still craving for and that was chocolate. There are more stories I really don't want to put on here.


We are full of programmes within our subconscious mind, programmes to help us drive to work without thinking about it, programmes to remember how to get dressed, to remember people’s faces at work and so on… So we have a programme that make us over eat, and feel a certain feeling when we either overeat or eat certain foods like chocolate. So the overeating programme running with overweight people is running because of emotion. So if your belief system stops working any time in the future, that you’ve had a gastric band fitted what will happen? You’ll go straight back to the old habit pattern and more.


So really you need to find a good hypnotherapist that understands this issue and is not in it for the money. They will use powerful techniques to find and pinpoint the emotional connection to food and unhooks this, then help you replace it with a better more healthy way of think. This has normally been discussed within the first session as you set your goals with the therapist.

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